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April 15, 2016

           It was summer - the sun beamed in through the wall of windows, the scent of clorox and bleach filling the air. I walked through the nearly empty airport peering down at the boring white tiles, only coming to an end by the even duller grey carpet.

           It was 1996, I was three, and I had just arrived in Orlando. 

          Now anyone who knew me as a child knew that I could not sit still for more than a minute. I twirled around the platform, humming. My dad told me to sit down, as any adult would do.

              So I did. 

              Suddenly, the window clad, bright, and airy airport turned into a confined dark abyss. Questionable smells and textures all around me; and what felt like a banana peel beneath me. I had fallen into a trashcan - do you remember inward folding trashcans? I certainly will for the rest of my life.


             For most people, the process of digging themselves out of a mess when things get difficult is figurative, for me – it was quite literal. I remember sitting there; terrified, wanting to cry and struggling to work past the consistently sliding garbage to propel myself upward. For every two inches I was able to elevate myself, I would slide down one. It felt like an eternity. However, the feeling of elation and satisfaction when I finally succeeded on climbing out, is a feeling I never want to let go of. This seemingly trivial experience could have left me disgusted; arguably, it should have.

             It didn’t.

             Instead, it has served as the epitome of progression in life– a constant reminder to never allow hardship to deter me from the goals I have set.


                My company, TALIA EIDEL, is the manifestation of these goals. It combines my deepest, darkest struggles with the will to overcome, to remain positive and influence others to do the same. To remain forever present and aware, retaining an attitude of gratitude. 

                Our upcoming campaign, #BeautyIsRaw, is an extension of this mindset. TALIA EIDEL works with all raw materials - rugged metals and rare stones. The combination relays the ever-present and raw nature of beauty. My mission is to make each and everyone of you see that you are beautiful too. Beauty is RAW,  and it is constant.

                It is time to embrace it and empower others to do the same! 




              In this blog I will discuss my experiences with my Eating Disorder, discuss why my business came to be, update you on the latest developments, and answer any questions you guys may have for me. Speak to you soon! 





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April 15, 2016

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